About Us

We are your Trusted Advisors

At AHB FINANCE & CONSULTANCY LTD, we pride ourselves in offering a proactive approach tailored to your business needs.

We have over 40 years of experience in business, ranging from SMB’s to the larger corporate organisations. We specialise in the manufacturing, service and retail sectors, alongside experience of both single and multi-site operations.

We are you Trusted Advisors
We Only Add Value, not Cost

We Only Add Value, not Cost

A proactive Accountant & Advisor should not cost you to employ their services. They should save you money from the very beginning. The fees you pay should be seen as an investment that your business will make a return from in the form of higher profits and lower taxes paid.

This is the founding principle of AHB FINANCE. We strive to service all our clients with our specialist accounting and business advisory advice.

As your trusted advisors, we continually seek to add value to our client’s businesses by providing insightful comments on the numbers, allowing the client to make informed decisions and ensuring they are following a viable business plan.

informed choices

We will highlight any potential danger signs that your business is flagging up.

If your current Advisor is not doing this for you, then maybe it’s time for a change.

AHB FINANCE is wholly committed to freeing your time from accounting and tax compliance issues to allow you to spend more of your time to grow the business you deserve.

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